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Mon, 17 Jul 2006 21:07:45 PDT
Hi Joe,
I hope to make it your talk tomorrow at Mercer.   Will you talk about the 
Arboretums remnant Crinum collection by any chance?   I understand it was 
willed to them, but I may be mistaken about that.
Al Howell in sweltering Houston, Texas
>    3. Crinum self-promotion (Joe Shaw)
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>Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 14:32:57 -0500
>From: "Joe Shaw" <jshaw@opuntiads.com>
>Subject: [pbs] Crinum self-promotion
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>Hi Gang,
>If you follow the link below, you can find some photos I put up on the 
>Garden Web Forum to advertize a talk on Crinum.  The talk will be about
>plants that do well along the Gulf Coast.   Crinum don't like it here very
>much but some do very well.  With care some of the other species can be
>grown. Dave L. has written a good article in this regard, see the second
>LINK:  Crinum Photo Montage
>LINK:  Cultivation of African Crinum in Pots and Tubs, Dave L., 1996,
>Herbertia, reproduced by permission of the International Bulb Society (an
>organization devoted to the enjoyment and cultivation of bulbs).
>A while back someone requested that the talk be video taped.  That is not 
>the works, but the PowerPoint presentation can be mailed out to Bulb or
>Garden clubs, etc.   Just write to me off list and I'll see what can be
>Hot, hot, hot today in Conroe.  I'm watering everything and the plants want
>more water.
>Message: 4
>Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 16:24:08 -0400
>From: "J.E. Shields" <jshields104@insightbb.com>
>Subject: [pbs] Hardy Bulbs
>To: Pacific Bulb Society <pbs@lists.ibiblio.org>
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>Hi all,
>The Crinum variabile are in bloom now.  This is earlier than usual for
>them.  Note that these are growing in the ground year-round here.  These
>are in a raised bed of highly improved topsoil, about 15 feet from the
>south end of the big greenhouse.  I have never been able to get these to
>bloom in containers.  Since they seem perfectly hardy in the ground, it is
>very convenient to grow them that way, and the bloom like crazy in July or
>Various Crinum grow around the east and south sides of one of the older and
>smaller greenhouses.  About to bloom again is Crinum 'Catherine', while a
>couple of pink 'J.C. Harvey'-like hybrids have been blooming for
>weeks.  The various C. bulbispermum seem to have bloomed out after only 2
>or 3 scapes apiece.  All these are also in the ground.
>Growing right up against the east wall of this same greenhouse, a bunch of
>Zantedeschia 'Black Pearl' are in bloom now.  Just in front of 'Black
>Pearl' is another hardy Gladiolus, probably volunteers of G. imbricatus
>from a dumped seed pot.  I just collected a few seeds from this glad.
>Galtonia candicans is in bloom now too.  Galtonia candicans is also hardy
>in the ground here, in selected beds.  They don't like low-lying beds or
>clay soil!  They are doing great in a raised bed made of composted leaves,
>topsoil, and coarse brown sand.
>Gladiolus oppositiflorus salmoneus is also hardy here in spots.  They have
>not bloomed yet this summere.  They are growing in the same bed as the
>Crinum variabile.  Planted among the Galtonia, all the glads
>disappeared.  I suspect that was due to mice more than to weather.
>Jim Shields
>in very hot central Indiana (USA)
>Jim Shields             USDA Zone 5             Shields Gardens, Ltd.
>P.O. Box 92              WWW:    http://www.shieldsgardens.com/
>Westfield, Indiana 46074, USA
>Tel. ++1-317-867-3344     or      toll-free 1-866-449-3344 in USA

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