Iris dichotoma

James Waddick
Wed, 05 Jul 2006 06:25:49 PDT
Dear all;
	Iris dichotoma is very hardy. Easily Zone 3 and possibly 
further north. I recommend growing it from seed which is very easy. 
This is one of the parents of Candy Lilies (xPardancanda). The other 
is Belamcanda Chinensis (Now Iris domestica).

	These Candy Lilies actually show a variety of colors and 
forms-some closer to I dichotoma - others closer to I domestica.  I 
like the ones that have the I dichotoma forms, but a variety of 
colors from white to yellow, pink, red, purple etc. These take some 
careful selection of seedlings.

	A nice things is they bloom very late in the day- about the 
time you might return from a day of work, these are just  open and 
fresh. Each flower last just a day, but there may be a hundred on 
each well branched stallk and they open over a long period.  And they 
are drought tolerant too.

		Best	Jim W.
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