Spanish iris

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 20 Jul 2006 18:34:37 PDT
Hi Jim,

When we started dividing up the Irises on the Iris page I was at a loss as 
how to do it. I did ask for help and got a few responses about how to name 
some of the pages, but nothing about the plants you are mentioning. And we 
chose not to use the botanical classification names on naming the pages 
since we are trying to be more user friendly even though those name are 
included in the text for the subpages. Since we are crossing all of the 
species and cultivars to the main page, it will be easy to find information 
about any specific species. I finally decided to use the name I found in my 
reference books which is never the best way. I'd much prefer to have the 
Iris experts on this list tell me what it should be. I am very happy to 
change the name of the page if someone comes up with a better name. So far 
there are few pictures on that page. And as an approved wiki user you could 
create a new page for me and add text and change the references to whatever 
you name the new page as well. Every Iris page links to all the other pages 
so all the links will need to be changed too on all those pages. It took 
Susan and me months of work to do the Iris pages and at the moment I don't 
have time to change everything again myself. I would then take off the 
Spanish Irises page once you were finished. Since I have made pages for the 
other bulbous irises they really need a place of their own I think. So I 
will follow the suggestions you get from the group with interest.

Mary Sue
>Now back to what started this for me: what would be a suitable name for 
>irises of this group? If we call them "Spanish irises", that term will lose
>its historical significance. ... They are bulbous, but so too are the 
>reticulates and junos, so
>"bulbous irises" is not sufficiently specific.

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