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Myke Ashley-Cooper ashley.cooper@new.co.za
Sat, 01 Jul 2006 05:50:30 PDT
Almost off the subject is that my cartoons float around the world often with the urls removed and my signature erased . . . . I have given up hassling a long time ago!
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  Subject: Re: [pbs] Wiki pictures used without permission

  Has anyone ever looked at ebay for stolen images? I find my images on there every week. Obviously I cant search all the ebays across the world. I have a look at .com and .co.uk Some people remove them immediately some in a day or two and others send a very nasty email. You can tell ebay about copyright infringement by using this form http://pages.ebay.co.uk/vero/notice.html

  When it comes to web sites with stolen images they should be named and shamed. In the past I have found two web sites selling plants with images of Anemones, Iris and Geraniums all mine! Both blamed their web masters.

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