Subject: Re: What's a Bulb?,

Joe Shaw
Sat, 08 Jul 2006 17:46:10 PDT
1.  Fuchsia decidua is an oddity which I saw years ago in the Sierra de 
in western Jalisco.  It has a few long, thick, spongy roots, not defined
into potato-like tubers, but still tuberous.  The thick roots are buried in
moss high up on the trunks of oaks.

2.  Another odd "bulb" which I encountered years ago in far western Jalisco,
Mexico,  on cliffs between Bara de Navidad and Autlan was Pitcairnia
micheliana a bromeliad which was quite "bulbous" and had red-red flowers.
This one a bulbous lithophyte, or rock dweller.


Hi Gang,

I sure enjoy the stories and reports from this group.  Now I want to visit 
Sierra de Minatlan and see the oak tree-hugging Fuchsia.

More rain today, still warm and humid.  An old fashioned Crinum called 
'Apostle' (not Tweleve Apostles) finished blooming.  What a pretty plant.

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