chocolate scented bulbs/Cosmos

Wed, 05 Jul 2006 19:54:43 PDT
Shirley and Lee,  Re. Cosmos atrosanguineus,  Appropriately, the first place
where I collected seed of this Cosmos was in meadows of herbs under tall
pines on a hillside in Jalisco, Mexico.  I believe, in my field notes I
remarked how the site reminded me of the pine woods of Pebble Beach and the
Monterey Peninsula.  They have a good home with you Shirley.

Another geophytic Cosmos which I once collected and grew at the Huntington,
but which we lost, was C. seemannii.  This was a small grower with almost
dahlia-like tubers.  As I recall it was from well drained slopes.  Leaves
were very divided and fern-like.  I don't recall if it was fragrant.

Fred Boutin
Tuolumne, CA

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