Triteleia peduncularis and offsets from corms

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 09 Jul 2006 18:31:42 PDT
Dear Jane,

In one of the spots I saw this plant (on the Sea Ranch) I didn't see any T. 
laxa anywhere, but it does T. laxa does grow on the Sea Ranch. On the other 
spot there is T. laxa and it does bloom at about the same time, but it 
wasn't exactly close to this population. This population was  in the meadow 
not far from the cows and T. laxa was closer to the Bluff on the rocks.

I did check the stamens and they are attached at two different levels which 
is true both for T. laxa and T. peduncularis so that didn't help. T. laxa 
has variable length pedicels too (20-90 mm. according to Jepson.) When I 
checked Jepson for T. peduncularis it listed pedicels from 20 to 160 mm. so 
obviously there are forms that do not have the long pedicels I've so often 

It's good to know that T. peduncularis likes to be very deep. Maybe it 
wouldn't offset so much if planted in a deep pot near the bottom. The 
Robinetts always recommended deep pots for Triteleia, Dichelostemma, and 
Brodiaea. They will grow and flower in shallow pots, but seem to be more 
impressive in bigger pots.

Mary Sue

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