J.E. Shields
Sat, 17 Jun 2006 10:29:39 PDT
Hi all,

First, my thanks to Jim W. and to Mary Sue for the nomenclatorial 
clarifications.  I was not willing to stick my oars in the water until we 
were clear as to what we are actually discussing.

I have two Zantedeschia growing outdoors in the ground, but in very 
protected spots: up agaist the foundations of one of the greenhouses.  Z. 
aethiopica 'Green Goddess' is prospering at the south end of the 
greenhouse.  It is getting bigger each year, blooms early in the spring, 
and has more bloom stalks every season.

Z. 'Black Pearl' is a mass market cultivar with a dark red-brown, almost 
purple, inflorescence.  It is increasing rapidly along the east side of the 
same greenhouse.  It is now up, and should bloom any time now.

This same bed, with the two Zantedeschia, also supports a bunch of Crinum 
bulbispermum and some hybrids.  Crinum 'Catherine' has been blooming this 
week in that bed.

I tried several Zantedeschia in the open ground, in my wet bed (gets 
frequent irrigation in summer but not in winter).  None made it.  Nor did 
Calla paludosa, supposedly a hardy native here.  I have Iris versicolor and 
I. virginica in the same bed, and even a couple plants of Arisaema 
triphyllum stewardsonii.

I would like to hear from folks who can grow Zantedeschia outdoors in the 
ground all year round in USDA zones 7 or colder.  I'm convinced that there 
are out there somewhere some truly hardy Zantedeschia for zone 5, but I 
just have not come across them yet!  Who has them?

Jim Shields
in central Indiana (USA)

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