"Calla Lilies" -"Arum Lilies" - notes on word usage

Jacinda and Barry barryandjac@bigpond.com
Sun, 18 Jun 2006 19:40:54 PDT
Hi Jim and all,

Thanks for all the nomenclature info.  Had a big laugh over your humorous
review of the Lily show!  As a novice grower and collector I have
experienced first hand confusion over info. when asking questions about
plant names.  Even from books and magazines!

From country to country names differ also and it is great to find out the
proper names of plants worldwide (although I must confess I generally use
the common names as other people tend to recognize them more easily).

Next time I get stuck I know where to go to get the correct info!  Still
only learning and finding info. more fascinating every day.


Wilson, Perth
West. Australia

P.S.  I don't mind if anyone corrects me as I am keen to learn and expand my
Just please excuse any questions that may appear to be really silly!

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