Bulb seedlings

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Sun, 11 Jun 2006 17:59:15 PDT
Dear Terence,

Many Amaryillid species will continue to grow the first year and you can 
try to keep them growing so the bulb will get bigger. Others no matter what 
you try to do to keep them going die back and are best kept dry until time 
for them to be in growth again. Most are best kept in their seedling pots 
as disturbing them when they are young leads to loss. So a lot of us start 
them in larger pots so they can easily stay in the same place for a couple 
of years. Or you can move them carefully when they are in growth again to a 
bigger pot. Protect them from the heat and sun by moving them into a shady 
spot. Some people water their seedling pots occasionally when dormant. This 
is best on a cool day.

When we were doing the topic of the week our first topic was growing from 
seed.  You could check out what was said by looking at the archives:

You should check out the no subject ones too since these posts were took 
place when we had another server and I and some helpers spent weeks trying 
to get them in a format so we could archive them when we moved to ibiblio 
and we ended up with a few glitches in spite of our best efforts. We 
continued to discuss difficult seeds that month and the next.

 From time to time I like to give a plug to IBSA. People who are interested 
in growing South African bulbs I think would find it a great group to join. 
Recently a number of people at one of their meetings shared their seed 
starting techniques and this was written up for those of us who are unable 
to attend their meetings in South Africa.

I hope this helps.

Mary Sue

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