John Bryan
Sat, 03 Jun 2006 08:13:04 PDT
Dear Angela:

Herbaceous peonies need frost, the tree types do not. An alternative is
to dump ice (left over from the no doubt frequent cocktail parties you
have) on them as often as possible during the winter. You might be in
for a long haul if you are growing them for cut flowers, you might do
better with Alstromeria, which are great cut flowers. The flower
production on the tree type is not that great, unless they are old
plants, and I question if the stems would be suitable for cut flowers.
Salpiglossis make superb cut flowers and this is another plant you might
try if you wish unusual and not commonly grown cut flowers. Remember
Lilies, they are superb as cut flowers. Cheers, John E. Bryan

Angela and Dean Offer wrote:
> I am trying to grow herbaceous peonies, I have some in the ground and some in foam boxes, lifted off the ground.  I have been told it is not cold enough here (we rarely get a frost) .  Any information would be very appreciated. I am trying to grow them as cut flowers.
> Angela
> Albany   W. Australia
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