angela offer
Wed, 21 Jun 2006 02:12:19 PDT
Beautiful, long lasting florists flowers, here in Albany in WA, any wet spot
and they grow magnificently.
Already declared a weed, although they are everywhere, it is not legal to
get plants from the Eastern States.
Western Australia (a florist who would like more plant!s)
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> Hi Steve,
> In Western Australia, near wetlands (and in them) Z. aethiopica grows.  In
> Winter time it can be found growing in the water.  I remember trying to
> some growing in a Winter creek and they must have been at least half a
> down in depth amongst the reeds.  It also grows in my Dad's garden but is
> small and compact there as his soil is mainly sand with some compost.
> In our local wetlands on the Canning River, where the base of the stems
> protrude from the ground to the top of the water would be approx.30cm to
> metre in depth.
> Not sure if this helps.  It's a shame it's a weed as the flowers are
> and many florists are still known to put on their gumboots and trudge
> through the weeds to get to the flowers!
> Regards
> Jacinda
> Wilson, WA
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