Inexpensive Delivery of Plants

Joe Shaw
Thu, 15 Jun 2006 15:24:31 PDT
Hi Gang,

Recently, while on vacation, I sent some items home via DHL.  The packages 
weighed about 40 lb., and the cost was about $13.00 per package.  They were 
sent from Las Cruces, New Mexico to Conroe, TX (near Houston).  My traveling 
companion explained that if the overall dimensions (length, width, height) 
of the box are not large, DHL was a good value for sending items that can 
take 3-5 days or more to travel.  I sent some large boxes, maybe 14 inches, 
by 14 inches, by 20 inches (or close).

Here is my question.  I want to send a 5-gallon, potted Crinum to an email 
friend.  What is the most inexpensive way to send it, assuming that: 1) it 
will not overheat on the way, and 2) that delivery time of 5 or 10 days is 
fine.   As you can tell, I'm allergic to expensive.

Regarding overheating; I guess this is an unknown but my friends in several 
industries tell me that temperatures over 80 F almost never happen during 
the shipment many items in the USA.  Am I too optimistic?  Naturally, a box 
left on a porch or in a mailbox can become quite hot in a few hours of 
summer sun, but I am thinking about on-the-way-type conditions.



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