James Waddick
Mon, 05 Jun 2006 06:23:26 PDT
Dear Angela and all;
	My apologies for not replying more quickly. I am just back 
from 3 weeks in China and Tibet researching peonies (with Paige 
Woodward and others).

	Here's a multi part answer:

	1. Can you grow peonies? First look around and ask around. 
Does anyone in your neighborhood, city, state grow peonies in the 
garden. garden center or nursery?  This may be THE MOST telling.

	2. Contact growers in Australia. The most informative person 
is Elisabeth Rundle " The Peony Lady'. She is now in Canberra, but 
has run a commercial nursery for years. Check out her web site at:  and contact her by email or phone.

	Also check the list of Australian growers at

	and the 'fact sheet' at… is informative 
and specific.

	ie.:	 Do some local research.

	3. I checked my atlas and find that Albany W.A. is around 35 
degrees S latitude. At an equal latitude north peonies are no problem 
at all, but latitude is not climate.

	If you are actually sure you want to grow peonies for cut 
flowers, you probably mean the cultivars of P. lactiflora or 'Chinese 
peonies'. These are the most demanding of a cold dormancy and 
chilling period. These will be the most difficult for you to grow.
	Have you considered the various hybrids which require less 
chilling and include the newer corals, salmons and yellows?

	Even easier to grow at low or no  chill are the tree peonies. 
There are a number of excellent growers and hybridizers of tree 
peonies in Australia most prominently Bernard Chow, but various 
others. Perhaps the Intersectinoals will prove even better for your 

	4.  In summary, I suggest you read a good modern book in 
peonies. I recommend 'Peonies' by Allan Rogers available both hard 
and soft bound via Amazon and many others. There is a chapter devoted 
to 'Getting Started Commercially'.

	Finally you might go to , the 
Heartland Peony Society and review their FAQs on related topics.

		Good luck.		Jim W.

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