Dennis Kramb
Fri, 23 Jun 2006 19:08:16 PDT
At 09:33 PM 6/23/2006, you wrote:
>Dennis, it sounds as if your plants bloomed much earlier than the 
>plants here.
>The Calochortus here were still in bloom last week, technically 
>spring - but they were not blooming in the snowy spring. Which ones 
>are you growing, and how do you grow them? In particular, do you 
>leave them in the ground all year?

I have them on the south side (sunny/warm side) of my house, and they 
stay there all year 'round.  They definitely bloom early on the list 
of things in my garden.  The second flush of bloom was a fun 
surprise.  I might actually get seed for once!

Dennis in Cincy

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