Wiki pictures used without permission

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 30 Jun 2006 07:09:43 PDT
Dear All,

I am trying to sort out some Gladiolus blooming now in my garden and was 
looking for some comparisons online after having decided that perhaps the 
one I have thought to be one thing as it was identified by the source as 
that is really a closely related species. In doing that I came across my 
picture from the wiki of the plant I was working on a commercial German 
site. So I looked down the line and saw there were quite a few other 
illustrations of mine for the Gladiolus section. I have written asking to 
remove the pbs wiki pictures from their site, but got a note back that they 
are on vacation until July 18. We've been down this road before. A lot of 
us are willing to share our pictures with permission and proper 
identification and many of us even do so for free in the spirit of 
education. I just gave permission to use a Calochortus picture in a Sierra 
Club newsletter. This changes when you are not asked first and especially 
when the pictures are used by a commercial site.

I don't have time to go through all the pictures and look for the ones that 
came from our wiki. But if any of the rest of you want to do this and let 
me know what they are,  if and when I hear back, I will give them a list. 
Also if any of you find a picture of yours that is being used and you are 
happy for it to be used in this way, let me know that too and I can include 
pictures that they do not have to remove. Thanks.

Mary Sue

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