Calla Lilies" -"Arum Lilies" - notes on word usage

Eugene Zielinski
Sun, 18 Jun 2006 21:41:14 PDT
Hmmm...all this talk about Calla Lilies makes me want to start calling them
Several people have mentioned lack of success growing Z. aethiopica in non
Mediterranean climates.  I tried that too, unsuccessfully of course, when I
was living in Pennsylvania.  I suspect that the Z. aethiopica we grow came
from the western Cape region of South Africa, and is accustomed to mild,
rainy winters.
In her invaluable book, A Field Guide to Wild Flowers of KwaZulu-Natal and
the Eastern Region, Elsa Pooley notes that Z. aethiopica grows there (a
summer rainfall region of South Africa), up to 2250 meter elevation.  She
also writes, "Popular garden plant and cut-flower, tolerates snow."

Eugene Zielinski
Augusta, Georgia

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