More on Iris missouriensis

Joe Shaw
Sat, 17 Jun 2006 15:38:16 PDT
Hi Gang,

Someone wrote that I. missouriensis has rhizomes (not bulbs), and of course 
they are correct.  I looked back at my field notes and find that I wrote 
"plants clumping and close, maybe bulbs or rhizomes."

I guess I have to learn to consult my notes before I write from memory to 
the PBS.  Also, maybe I should be a bit more vigourous when I dig around the 
edges of clumps of plants.  I sort of guessed at things that day and can see 
from my notes that I didn't really know if it was bulbs or rhizomes.

I have to agree with Jim W. who wrote "If this list is to have educational 
value these crucial
differences should be made clear."



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