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Lee Poulsen
Tue, 20 Jun 2006 10:05:37 PDT
On Jun 20, 2006, at 9:48 AM, Adam Fikso wrote:
> Rarely species.  Almost all of those  are endangered, under pressure,
> protected,  or extinct., and rarely available even as seed.  Most of 
> the
> hybrids (difficult enough to grow)

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>> From: James Waddick <>
>> If you are not familiar with these, the pictures should be
>> very interesting. These are not the old tall bearded iris.

I've been intrigued by these since I first learned about them because 
of living in Southern Calif., but have never taken the plunge. (Partly 
due to the warnings, like Adam's above, about the difficulty of growing 
them, but mostly due to the feeling that I've already taken on too many 
kinds of plants and I have to draw the line somewhere...)

However, I have two questions:

1. Are they, even the species, any easier to grow in climates like 
those in California?

2. Excuse my complete ignorance, but how are Arils different than--or 
the same as--Junos?

--Lee Poulsen
Pasadena, California, USDA Zone 10a

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