"Calla Lilies" -"Arum Lilies" - notes on word usage

Dell Sherk dells@voicenet.com
Sat, 17 Jun 2006 11:37:26 PDT
I am amused when people ask me the names of some of the things I grow. Most
of them, in fact, have no common names that are known to me, and I only know
the scientific name. For the South African ones, I say, "Oh, I guess it has
a common name in Swahili (substitute whatever language is appropriate) or
Afrikaans, but I don't know those languages." Unfortunately, that usually
stops the questions dead in their tracks.


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Dear Jim,

Your note about using botanical names made me smile. I usually use both 
when people in my hiking group ask me a question as most of them do not 
want to learn the botanical names at all. It seems like a lost cause. I 
also have trouble with the use of the word lily. 

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