James Waddick
Fri, 02 Jun 2006 06:48:41 PDT
Dear Jane;
	I have grown the hardy A psitticina *outdoors in a protected 
spot  right up against the foundation of my unheated 
greenhouse-facing south. And I have one of the princesses,. too 
'Anouska' ( purple) less than a foot tall in a large pot. It is very 
vigorous. Is that the same as yours?

	I have planted the 'so called' hardy Alsroes outside (Sweet 
Laura, Liberty etc.) and they barely survive and rarely bloom or get 
to much size here.

	Can you suggest anything hardier and tougher than these?

		Best	Jim W.

ps I have seen and admire the variegated form but haven't tried it. 
Anyone have success in a colder climate? It is a beauty.

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