"Calla Lilies" -"Arum Lilies" - notes on word usage

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Sat, 17 Jun 2006 08:24:05 PDT
Dear all;
	I noticed these topics recently and was slightly put off by 
their inaccuracy and I don't think any one noted that neither Callas 
(Genus Zantedeschia) or Arum (Genus Zantedeschia) are actually 
lilies. Both of these common names refer to plants NOT in the lily 
family or closely related. The names Arum and Calla actually refer to 
genera by those name and not the Genus under discussion. The common 
names can refer to other plants, too.

	The genus Calla is a small genus of northern marshy aroids, 
while the genus Arum  is larger in number of species and 
distribution. Neither overlaps with Zantedeschia.

	Likewise 'Canna Lilies' are not true lilies, but more 
correctly called just 'Canna'.  Just as peony roses are not roses.

	If this list is to have educational value these crucial 
differences should be made clear. So this note is not a chastisement, 
but for clarity and better understanding of where these things all 
fit into a bigger picture. We have often grumbled about the peculiar 
nature of common names especially regional ones.

	Hope this helps.

			Best		Jim W.
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