First Timber Press, now Heronswood Nursery
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--this  is the same promise we were made about 
Heronswood Nursery 6 years ago),  and now this, I don't much like what 
it sometimes does to things that were  functioning perfectly well as 
they were. In fact, it irks me a  lot.

Today's column by Anne Raver in the NY TImes sheds a bit more light  on the 
Heronswood saga.  Among the quotes cited in the column:
Dan Hinkley said: he and Mr Jones spent "six years waiting for the crash  you 
know is coming."  Apparently it was evident less than 6 months after  the 
Burpee purchase that it would not work out.
George Ball said: "It wasn't profitable a profitable business when we  bought 
Business was so bad, Mr. Ball said, he asked the former owners to buy  
Heronswood back for $2,000,000. "They took a day to think about it, and said  no."  
Burpee bought the business for $4,500,000.
The most striking quote, and I admire Mr. Hinkley for being forthright and  
blaming himself for being naive:  " Mea culpa," he said  "This entire  set of 
circumstances comes down to me, and my decision was wrong."
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