[pbs ] Calla Lilies/Arum Lilies

angela offer angelasgarden@bigpond.com
Thu, 15 Jun 2006 23:13:54 PDT
Yes, Every little bit, including a bit of root.  If you want them to grow
plant them in a really boggy spot, any overflow from washing water?  Full
sun or part shade
ps If you get a hold of the pink Arum lilies, marshmallow they are called, I
would love some, I have green goddess if you want some of those,
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> Hi Angela,
> Re; Arum lilies, by "every little bit" do you mean the roots as well as
> corms or just bits of the corms?  (Please excuse my ignorance!)
> Also can anyone advise me on the best aspect to grow Calla lilies in.
> seem to be languishing in the shade and seem to be doing better in the
> garden or in pots in half day sun/part shade.
> What have other people found?
> Re:
> > Hi Jacinda - I had Arum lilies in Perth in a dry spot, and they were
> a
> > problem.  But you find a damp spot and they not only "take off" but are
> also
> > extremely hard to dig up - every little bit left grows, and roundups no
> good
> > either. I have never known canna lilies to be a problem in WA
> > Angela
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