NARGS Quarterly
Tue, 13 Jun 2006 10:17:31 PDT
Although some may think that, as editor, Jane is biased regarding the North American Rock Garden Quarterly, I assure you that it is an excellent resource for all plant lovers, with superb articles on bulbs several times a year.

An east coast American plantsman was once asked why he was a member of NARGS. His reply: "That's where all the plant nuts are!"  (Perhaps another NARGS member can help with attribution and the exact quote.)
- Barbara Weintraub
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

>John wrote,
>>   Thanks for the heads up about the article. Unfortunately, I am not a 
>> member of the Rock Gardening Society and have never seen any of their 
>> journals.

>Jane wrote:
>That is indeed unfortunate!
>Jane McGary
>Editor, North American Rock Garden SOciety
>Join at

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