Angela and Dean Offer
Sat, 03 Jun 2006 17:52:18 PDT
Thanks for your information.,
What are Salpiglossis?  There is a big commercial lily farm nearby, so I can
buy them cheaper than I can grow them, but I still grow Stargazer and a
couple of others.
If I can grow peonies, or something that unusual (unusual for us!!), I can
use them in wedding bouquets,
also if I manage to grow them in foam boxes, I'm hoping to get them to grow
all year round, by putting the whole box into a cold store (when I get
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> Dear Angela:
> Herbaceous peonies need frost, the tree types do not. An alternative is
> to dump ice (left over from the no doubt frequent cocktail parties you
> have) on them as often as possible during the winter. You might be in
> for a long haul if you are growing them for cut flowers, you might do
> better with Alstromeria, which are great cut flowers. The flower
> production on the tree type is not that great, unless they are old
> plants, and I question if the stems would be suitable for cut flowers.
> Salpiglossis make superb cut flowers and this is another plant you might
> try if you wish unusual and not commonly grown cut flowers. Remember
> Lilies, they are superb as cut flowers. Cheers, John E. Bryan
> Angela and Dean Offer wrote:
> >
> > I am trying to grow herbaceous peonies, I have some in the ground and
some in foam boxes, lifted off the ground.  I have been told it is not cold
enough here (we rarely get a frost) .  Any information would be very
appreciated. I am trying to grow them as cut flowers.
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> > Angela
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