Arilbred irises in California.

Adam Fikso
Wed, 21 Jun 2006 13:52:19 PDT
I did not mean to convey the idea that they were tricky to grow.  Only the 
species and a few of the hybrids that are closer to the species.

However, they grow better in California than other places, for the most 

Most arilbreds can be grown  in the average garden if the drainage is sharp 
to medium OK.  The species are another matter and do need sharp rainage, but 
what I referred to as a no-no,. is their relative unavailabilty or the 
difficulty of trying to grow species from seed.

They are no more difficult than some of the trickier Junos where how you 
hold your mouth when you water them can kill them, make them sick or make 
them thrive.

The strongest growers historically, in the ASI were in southern California 
or the southwest. And still are.  They can tolerate lots of rain e.g., 70" a 
year if the drainage is good, lots of calcium , gravel, and minimal humus.

And Jim....  Just type  Aril Society International into your browser search 
slot instead of trying to remember or paste the URL in. Sorry-- we don't 
have a second-place stupid award.  Cheers, Adam

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