Aril Society International

James Frelichowski
Tue, 20 Jun 2006 11:18:08 PDT
Come on Lee you got plenty of spaces in your yard to add irises!  
  How are you doing?  I enjoy my new job and am awaiting a new supervisor and hope he/she is good to work for.  The hippeastrums are doing much better in the greenhouses here in Texas.  We are still getting some rain which is good for some farmers.  Texas is not as vacation friendly as California but I'll adjust and am anxious to get a house and stop renting!
  take care,

  I've been intrigued by these since I first learned about them because 
of living in Southern Calif., but have never taken the plunge. (Partly 
due to the warnings, like Adam's above, about the difficulty of growing 
them, but mostly due to the feeling that I've already taken on too many 
kinds of plants and I have to draw the line somewhere...)

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