peonies and Master Gardeners
Thu, 08 Jun 2006 12:53:31 PDT
Well, here in Santa Clara County, we do have a record of chill hours and  
routinely give out that information.  Now as to whether the master gardener  
answering the phone knows anything about the chill hours required of different  
peonies, that is a different matter.  I doubt it. 
The chill hours are usually used to explain why certain healthy fruit trees  
aren't bearing fruit as we live in a climate that is best served by trees  
requiring less chill hours.  Of course, the nurseries will sell you what  you 
We recently had a 'Peony outing" where a small group was invited to a  
historical place tightly controlled as to whether any visitor was ever allowed  on 
the property.  (what a shame and I doubt if that is what the benefactor  
intended).  There was a very large collection of Tree Peonies on the  grounds.  We 
were all asked to bring whatever knowledge of peonies we had,  to share with 
the group.  I claim to know next to nothing about peonies, my  father grew lots 
of them in Kansas and I loved them, still do.  To my  amazement I knew more 
about Peonies than any of the other mg's in the group, and  that wasn't much.  
I am a Master Gardener but in all honestly, I think what little knowledge I  
have I came into the program with.  There are a few very knowledgeable  people 
in there, and the rest.  There are a lot of people who have book  knowledge 
but little gardening knowledge and  lately many recent retirees  who have 
corporate knowledge and are turning it into a mess of reports and  paperwork.
They haven't mentally retired yet.
One of my friends husband refers to the master gardeners as master hard  
workers.  He is appalled at how much free labor they do.
So yes, I agree, the better answer is on this forum.
Carolyn Craft

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