Bulb seedlings

sekkei gardenersview@earthlink.net
Sun, 11 Jun 2006 12:44:54 PDT
Dear All,

For the first time I have germinated seeds of many species of bulbs.
Germination has been excellent. My question, as rudimentary as it sounds,
what is the aftercare? What happens this fall? Do they go into a dormancy? I
guess my biggest concern is the summer dormant species. They are growing
along well. The summer heat is arriving and the parents are resting. Are the
seedlings being kept artificially growing? Should water be withheld as in
nature? They seem so fragile that withholding water at this time seems to be
certain death.

Are there some comprehensive sources on bulb seedling after care any one can
recommend? I'll be searching the PBS wiki.

Terence Hernstrom

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