Burgundy Hybrids

Joe Shaw jshaw@opuntiads.com
Sun, 18 Jun 2006 13:55:23 PDT
Hi Gang,

I have not been keeping up with my Crinum Web site, but not for lack of 
trying.  You all know how hobbies go; too much interest and not enough time.

However, recently, I visited Marcelle and got new photos of her seedlings 
from Crinum x 'Burgundy'.  This plant has produced some amazing progeny over 
time.  Marcelle has identified 4 in years past that had the garden qualities 
she wanted.  Though they have similar colors, they are different from each 
other.  For instance, Burgundy No. 2 has pendant flowers with recurving 
tips, reminescent of Crinum x 'White Queen'.

Burgundy No. 3 produces very large flowers, with 6 inch floral tubes and 6 
1/2 inch petals.

The Burgundy hybrids are pink, but they are better than pink.  They have a 
bit of salmon in them, they remind me of Crinum x 'Bradley' that way, but 
they also remind me a bit of pale Crinum x 'Claude Davis'.

This year Marcelle has found a possible new "keeper."  She's calling it 
Burgundy No. 5; most of these plants have not been named, but she has named 
Burgundy No. 1 'Lady Chameleon' because it sometimes produces petals with 
white streaks.

Marcelle is increasing all 5 of the plants with the goal of distributing 
them when she has enough bulbs; they do produce offsets.

Anyway, while I haven't put all the info on the Web site, I did put unedited 
images online.  They are very large files 1.5 to nearly 4.0 Mb--so they can 
be slow to download and view.

If you want to see them, they are sorted by folders (burgundy 1, burgundy 2, 
etc.), with various photos of each plant in the folders.

If you only have time to see one photo, check out the photo of Burgundy No. 
3 at:
LINK:  Burgundy No. 3

All the images can be found at:
LINK:  Images of Burgundy Hybrids

NOTE:  The colors are not exactly correct on these photos; I have not done 
the color balance to account for the super sunny day when the photos were 
taken.  They are a very pleasant pink or pale salmon-pink; they are not 
purplish and have no bubblegum pink in them.  The link below that shows some 
mixed seedlings, seems to show the colors best:

LINK:  Mixed Burgundy Seedlings Growing Together (Burg No 1, Burg No 2, and 
Burg No 3).


Hot and humid today (must be 95 F), rain last night, Amarcrinum still 
blooming happily, Ellen Bosanquet starting as is Lorraine Clark and Rose 

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