Bulb seedlings

Jacinda and Barry barryandjac@bigpond.com
Sun, 11 Jun 2006 23:10:01 PDT
Hi Terence,

I have grown bulbs from seed and they seem to go into a natural dormancy
period of their own accord.  Depending what the species is and if you get
frost where you are, the growth may be affected.  The seedlings I grew were
Chasmanthe Floribunda, Freesias, Veltheimias, Chives - Garlic and Sparaxis.

I am just about to try Canna lilies and Tritonias - Can any one advise on
growing these from seed?  Am just going to try pot luck otherwise!  Will let
you know how I go.

Perth, Western Australia
finally it will rain for the next 2 days!

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