Blue Iris needs ID

Jane McGary
Wed, 07 Jun 2006 19:03:33 PDT
I may be quite wrong about this, but I think the only iris native to the 
area mentioned is Iris missouriensis, which comes in various shades of 
blue-lavender. The habitat Joe described is typical of this widespread 
species of the intermountain West.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

Joe wrote:
>I was in New Mexico recently and found some lovely iris plants (native I
>guess) near Las Vegas.  The area is quite a desert, but on the road out of
>town (Hwy 104, to the east of town) I found a lot of irises growing.  They
>were really pretty, pale-blue  to white-blue.
>They grew in clumps and when I dug down I could see they were bulb-type
>irises.  They grew alongside the road where water would collect from rains
>and snow melt.  I didn't see them anywhere else in New Mexico.

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