Arilbred Irises

James Waddick
Wed, 21 Jun 2006 17:07:49 PDT
Dear all;
	It is easy to be confused by the array of iris involved here.
	The original Aril species are generally more difficult to 
grow and demanding especially in regard to annual watering schedule 
and drainage. I did not mean to recommend them for the novice.

	The aril-bred hybrids are much easier and very rewarding. 
Even up to the Canadian border at least and even easier in 
Mediterranean climates, but even here in the mid-west most cvs do 
exceedingly well, bloom regularly and multiply with vigor. I have 
donated extra rhizomes to ASI sale a couple of times.

	I am certain California Iris nurseries sell a wide range of 
cvs suited to your various micro-climates, but there are also 
hybridizers on the E. coast and all over the US developing easier to 
grow, nicely patterned hybrids. I grow a few species, and prefer 
hybrids that are at least 1/2 species to get the most "species look" 
possible and still not too demanding.

	Come on people- You can grow these. You deserve it. 	Jim W.

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