Clivias, yellow citrinas

Angela and Dean Offer
Wed, 29 Mar 2006 00:55:05 PST
If anyone would like to have alook at ebay I have many citrina clivias for sale.  (And more at home).  Citrina mature, citrina variegated or akebono 2 year olds.  If any of my friends in the US or Germany wish to paypay any before the end of today (your time) they will be send out with orders I will be sending in 36 hours time, to friends in the US etc, that will forward them on to you.  No paperwork etc, all done.  Any order will be sent for AUD $60, about US $45.00 I think.  Join with a friend!!!
If you wish plants to be sent direct to you (1 week International courier Express the cost will be AUD $ 100.00 anytime that suits you)


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