Cynthia Mueller
Tue, 07 Mar 2006 16:42:29 PST
Dear James,

Haven't received any box of bulbs from you yet.  I hope the telephone
book and list of available rentals got to you.  The rental listing isn't
current, but the thing that will help you with it probably is cost and
availability of local housing.  See you then, Cynthia Mueller

>>> 03/07/06 1:01 PM >>>
'Go east old man'
  I am relocating to College Station Texas next week.  It's been a
pleasure living in California.  I still was able to cultivate 32 species
of Hippeastrum and hope they proliferate in Texas.  I wish I could have
attended more meetings and met more people but my job here took most of
your time.  California is a beautiful state, (away from the cities at
least) and the pacific highway is gorgeous.  I will still be working
with cotton and the USDA-ARS.
  Here's to meeting more bulbophiles in Texas.  I hope the bulbs grow
bigger there.
  James Frelichowski
  Southern Plains Agricultural Research Center
  Crop Germplasm Research 
  2881 F&B RD 
  COLLEGE STATION, TX, 77845-0000

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