Nerine casualties

Ernie O'Byrne
Fri, 03 Mar 2006 22:25:29 PST
We stupidly left a fairly large number of nerine selections outside during a
recent dip to 16 degrees F., protected only by a piece of 1/4" foam frost
cloth, and most were mush, but some have a large part of the bulb and the
bottom plate intact, although the leaves and top part of the bulb have been
damaged to the extent that there is not much left.

Will these likely regenerate? I had some Eucomis bicolor freeze in a similar
way one time and they turned into a very nice clump in time, regenerating
(and multiplying nicely) from the basal plate.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Also, has anyone propagated Allium schubertii by manipulation of the bulb,
or by seed?

Ernie O'Byrne
Northwest Garden Nursery
86813 Central Road
Eugene, ORegon 97402

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