weather and bulbs

Adam Fikso
Tue, 14 Mar 2006 11:40:40 PST
Hello all-- Here in the Chicago area we MIGHT make it to 41° F today. 
Lycoris aurea just emerging from the ground.  L. radiata were up earlier 
when it got warm for a week back in January, now frosted brown.  My 
galanthus haven't come up yet. Fritillaria michailowskii just showing above 
ground.  Ground still frozen at 8" down, but snow is melted.   Most 
daffodils up about 2 1/2" except species which are not showing.    Much 
colder than the rest of you. Probaly warmer in Anchorage as it has been more 
than once during this winter.  For us it's been a relatively warm winter. 
Only two days at 0° F. Adam in Glenview, IL  Z 5a 

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