James Frelichowski
Tue, 07 Mar 2006 11:01:11 PST
'Go east old man'
  I am relocating to College Station Texas next week.  It's been a pleasure living in California.  I still was able to cultivate 32 species of Hippeastrum and hope they proliferate in Texas.  I wish I could have attended more meetings and met more people but my job here took most of your time.  California is a beautiful state, (away from the cities at least) and the pacific highway is gorgeous.  I will still be working with cotton and the USDA-ARS.
  Here's to meeting more bulbophiles in Texas.  I hope the bulbs grow bigger there.
  James Frelichowski
  Southern Plains Agricultural Research Center
  Crop Germplasm Research 
  2881 F&B RD 
  COLLEGE STATION, TX, 77845-0000

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