OT: Global Warming

Aqua Flora aquaflorasa@telkomsa.net
Sat, 04 Mar 2006 11:09:15 PST
We are seeing "Global Climate Change" all around us. Just the other day I
found a Hyperolius marmorathus (Painted Reed Frog) in the nursery, these
colourful frogs are (or at least were) restricted to the humid coastal zones
of South Africa, Mozambique and Northern Zim., this is way out of its normal
distribution and proof that climate has changed.

Perhaps Professor Lovelock is a "doom and gloom" crazy scientist, but
perhaps global birth restrictions would, in time, lessen the demand for
fossil fuels and relieve pressures on natural resources, especially in
African countries.

To conclude, the earth is a chemical reaction, we can neither add nor
destroy matter, simply alter its form. If we disturb the balance a opposite
and equally powerful reaction will occur to restore the balance, so we have
burned millions of tons of coal, oil, gas etc. and releases fast quantities
of CO2 into the atmosphere effectively disturbing the balance. Global
Warming is the opposite and equally powerful reaction that will, in time,
restore the balance... if our bulbs will survive remains to be seen!

Pieter, from a exceptionally wet and cold March.

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