Rhodohypoxis x Hypoxis

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Sat, 04 Mar 2006 16:49:32 PST
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It's been on my mind for some years, tried crosspollinating with
toothpicks, but never got to first base:  wonder if it's possible to cross
Hypoxis hirsuta and Rhodohypoxis baurii?  The hoped for result is something
like a slightly hardier Rhodohypoxis.

Google Rhodohypoxis x Hypoxis yeilds links for such crosses, such as a 
Rhodohypoxis baurii x Hypoxis parvula for sale at: 

Since H. parvula is South African and probably not as hardy as H. hirsuta, I 
doubt there is any increased hardiness with the bigeneric cross.

...and a photo at (watch for URL wrapping, also baurii is spelled wrong as 

The following PBS discussion link has more information on "Rhodoxis hybrida"

A webpage on South African Hypoxis (of which H. parvula is a member):

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