Hypoxis x Rhodohypoxis

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Fri, 03 Mar 2006 06:21:46 PST
>  It's been on my mind for some years, tried crosspollinating with
>toothpicks, but never got to first base:  wonder if it's possible to cross
>Hypoxis hirsuta and Rhodohypoxis baurii?  The hoped for result is something
>like a slightly hardier Rhodohypoxis.

Dear Don; Jim et all;
	 A few years back in my protected mid-town garden i had some 
Rhodohypoxis winter over under heavy leaf mulch. They never really 
perked up the second year or bloomed again before dying the next 
winter. Hypoxis hirsutus is an uncommon native, and does OK in the 
open garden. Wish it were a bit more 'weedy'.

	Pollinating, let alone crossing, either of these genera must 
be a bear. The flowers and their 'naughty parts' are so tiny to work 

	I don't grow Rhodohypoxis any more because of my own 
situation which is ill suited to wintering them over, but I think 
they are great plants. If my climate were better I'd aim for sheets 
of them in every possible site. The thought of hardy hybrids is a 
terrific dream.

	Go for it.		Jim W.
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