Scilla bifolia, etc

Fred Biasella
Fri, 24 Mar 2006 08:20:31 PST
Here in Boston MA, it seems to thrive in quite cold conditions. Regardless
of it spending the winter with or without a good snow cover it seems to come
back great guns every year. 

I knew of a good sized carpet that had naturalized on the grounds of a house
that burnt down long ago. Also at the Arnold Arboretum on the North facing
side, there's a "sea" of them that is absolutely spectacular and they don't
receive any special attention. I'll try to take a picture of them and post
it on the Wiki.

Warm Regards,
Fred Biasella


So is one of you who grows Scilla bifolia going to add it to the wiki since 
it obviously seems to be a plant that has many fans? And how about Scilla 
mischtschenkoana? We also could make a page for Chinodoxa if people had 
pictures of it to add? Do people still consider it to be a distinct genus? 
Do most of these need cold winter temperatures to thrive and summer water?

Mary Sue

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