Nerine casualties

John Grimshaw
Sun, 05 Mar 2006 09:32:01 PST
Ernie - if the basal plate is undamaged, with sound parts of scales still
attached, then you will probably get some sort of regeneration. I would
clean up the bulbs, cutting down into healthy tissue, dust with a fungicide
and repot in sandy mix. Keep on the dry side until you see new growth
developing, then water as normal for that species (it sounds as if they're
N. sarniensis, a winter-growing species, in which case they may not shoot
again until next autumn).

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> We stupidly left a fairly large number of nerine selections outside during
> recent dip to 16 degrees F., protected only by a piece of 1/4" foam frost
> cloth, and most were mush, but some have a large part of the bulb and the
> bottom plate intact, although the leaves and top part of the bulb have
> damaged to the

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