James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Thu, 09 Mar 2006 11:41:29 PST
Dear friends;
	With more than a month to average last frost, the "spring' 
garden has gone bonkers way ahead of schedule.
	Within the last few days I have seen signs more typical or 
April than of March  -and some actually began in Feb.!

	Iris (Juno) 'Sindpers' opened its first flower and most other 
Junos are up and a few show buds.

	Daffodils- Not just the early ones like 'Rynveld's Early 
Sensation ' (which was way earlier and got severely frosted) but 
later ones like 'Ice Follies' and 'Gigantic Star' as well as 
Campernelle and N obvallaris.

	Drancuculusvulgaris is up and emerging from its sheaths .

	Iris tigridia in flower (mid-end of April?) Reticulatas past peak.

	Crocus almost all done except for big vernus cvs liike 
Pickwick and such. The smaller earlier sieberi and Tommies are about 
done already!

	Cyclamen coum beyond peak-already. Anemone blanda starting up.

	And tree, shrubs and herbaceous perennials are all budding up 
and expanding like it is the end of April. This is seriously 
dangerous as we are readily subject to temps down to the teens before 
Mid April. We can have an odd snow in May! I just hope we don't get 
the possible freeze damage ahead.

	Our earliest Magnolia (M. zennii) has had all of its flowers 
frozen and turned brown, too. This is about a 50/50 chance each year 
at best.

	Yesterday tied a record high of 78 degrees here. Hang on for 
the ride - 100 degrees in June? May?

		Best	Jim W.
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