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Fri, 03 Mar 2006 08:30:48 PST
Sorry, I hit the send button by mistake in the previous message.

Mary Sue, the Rhodohypoxis would definitely need extra water in the summer
in your climate. They do very well for us, both in pots summered outside
with a tray under each pot, and in the garden, unprotected, with our very
wet winters (45" ave.) and dry summers. We do, however, water them in the
summer in the garden.

When we have seen them in Lesotho on Sani Pass, they were growing on a rock
substrate with very a thin layer of blackish, peaty soil in water, both
flowing and what looked to be very shallow pools, so they were VERY wet
while in growth. Why they survive a wet winter, unprotected, I have no idea
since it gets so dry in habitat that they have fire danger in the winter in
the grasslands.

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Hi all,

I planted out Rhodohypoxis too in my California garden, but it did not
survive. It was either too wet in winter or too dry in summer for it.


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