OT: Warning on Mulch -- USA/urban legend

Terry Hernstrom gardenersview@earthlink.net
Sun, 12 Mar 2006 13:58:16 PST
Hoax or no hoax I have always tried to dissuade homeowners from applying
mulch around the foundation of the house. After years  even months all sorts
of critters gather to breed. On a consult a few years ago, a client
complaining about critters in the house. Lo and behold the dreaded mulch and
to make matters worse it was applied over black plastic. I had never seen
such colonies of termites, sow bugs and earwigs to name a few! Not good.

Terence Hernstrom
Director, Gardens & Grounds
Kimberly Crest House and Gardens
Redland(where it cold, snowy, hailing) Southern California, Global Warming

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I did receive  note from the Garden Writer's Association of America
stating that this termite scare is a hoax.


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