Iris minutoaurea + I. henryi
Sat, 06 May 2006 21:01:14 PDT
John Lonsdale writes:
>If I. minutoaurea hasn't flowered yet then it won't this
>year (unless it just emerged from a late-melting 
>snowbank).  Mine all finished about 2 weeks ago.  It is
>unfortunately shy-flowering, a couple of flowers being 

Darrell Probst says his plants bloom well every year.  My plant, which I 
purchased 5 years ago, grows slowly but keeps building up the clump, but never 
flowers.  That is, until this year.  The small clump has about 10 buds, with 4-5 
miniature flowers open in the two photos I'm providing.  It's certainly a cute 
little thing, about 3" tall in flower.  I hope, now that it's established and 
decided to flower, it'll do this each year:……

The other Chinese woodland iris are blooming well; I. koreana (golden 
yellow), Iris odaesanensis (white), and the enchanting I. henryi.  The latter species 
has only been introduced recently by Darrell Probst, and from a tiny start I 
planted just two years ago, it's filling in nicely,and may have about 20 
blooms this year.  The flowers are tiny, opening a clear light blue with a yellow 
signal, fading to a the lightest blue possibly.  I post a photo, but I've yet 
to capture the true pale blue color of the flowers.…

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