strange bulb

Laura & Dave
Mon, 29 May 2006 23:03:06 PDT
Dennis Kramb wrote:
> It's white, teardrop shopped, and about 1cm diameter at the 
> fattest part.  It was also completely dormant... no green foliage and 
> few roots.  Now I know there's no way to guess what it is from that 
> feeble description, ...
But of course we can guess!!  Mine is that it is a variety of bulb 
grass, based solely on the fact that while rescuing Erythronium oregonum 
bulbs, I encountered several "hitchhikers" exactly as you described.
They reminded me of pearls, popping out of the soil to display their luster.
Dave Brastow
Tumwater, Washington (USA) 7A

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