Iris cristata 'Shenandoah Sky'
Wed, 24 May 2006 20:08:56 PDT
Following up on a previous discussion, I have uploaded 2 photos of of Iris 
cristata 'Shenandoah Sky'.  Note, my plants are labeled as 'Shenandoah Sky' (vs. 
... Skies), as offered by Darrell Probst's Garden Vision Nursery where 
nomenclature is of utmost importance.  The plant is growing under Stewartia 
pseudocamelia, a tree with dense surface roots that inhibits underplanting.  However, 
Iris cristata does well growing under this tree, because the the rhizomes are 
happy skimming over the soil's surface in the bark mulch.

This is one of the better flowering forms of crested Iris, making a fine 
patch of deep blue in the garden now.  The bright white signal spots really light 
up the floral effect. Here are two views:….

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